Eyelash Extensions

Barclay Beauty in New Plymouth specialises in Eyelash extensions. They use advanced soft 3D lashes that create amazing volume and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Eyelash Extensions New Plymouth

Also the advantage of 3D lashes are when you are due for an infill (normally 2 to 3 weeks) you don’t get a “gappy, spiky” look that tends to happen with the traditional “1 on 1” extension technique, as the 3D lashes fan out making gaps less noticeable.

All my clients have changed to 3D lashes and wouldn’t go back to the traditional method.


Option Description Price
Option 1 Full Set $120
Option 2 Infills (2 to 3 weeks) $60
Option 3 Outer corners only $50
Option 4 Lower Lashes $40